William Colquhoun-Flannery - Circle Reading - Ear Nose Throat
Consultant ENT Surgeon

Dept of ENT - Head & Neck Surgery
Royal Berkshire Hospital
London Road
Reading, RG1 5AN

Paediatric and Adult Practices
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Ear Nose and Throat

Friday mornings are the highlight of my week at the Royal Berkshire hospital. I am being assisted by Sister Jenny Plum.

Our specialty has a very long name but mercifully this is shortened to Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT). ENT surgeons are trained in the surgical and medical treatment of conditions of the ears, nose, throat, head and neck, including facial plastics and some cosmetic surgery.


Hearing loss
Ear infections
Balance disorders
Ear noise (tinnitus)


Injuries to the nose
Deformities of the nose
Cosmetic surgery of the nose (nose jobs)
Sinus infections
Seasonal allergies (hay fever)
Tumours of the nose and sinuses


Inflammations of the throat (tonsillectomy)
Voice and swallowing disorders
Tumours of the throat and larynx

Head and Neck

Swelling of the neck
Thyroid disorders and tumours (cancerous and non-cancerous) of lymph and salivary glands

Cosmetic Procedures

Facial Plastics

Royal Berkshire Hospital - Mr William Flannery - ENT Surgery

Royal Berkshire Hospital
London Road
Reading, RG1 5AN

Circle Reading - Mr William Flannery - ENT Surgery

100 Drake Way
Reading, RG2 0NE

Berkshire Independent Hospital - Mr William Flannery - ENT Surgery

Berkshire Independent Hospital
Swallows Croft
Wensley Road
Reading, RG1 6UZ

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